Entry Requirements


The Major section may be entered by any player who holds a FIDE rating greater than 2000.


The Open section has no associated rating requirements - any player regardless of rating may enter.

International Players

All players not of the Australian Federation are required to have a FIDE ID. This will be a mandatory question when completing your registration. If you do not have a FIDE ID, you will need to contact your own Federation and ask them to register you with FIDE.

Entry Fees



Free entry for GMs, WGMs, IMs, and WIMs - please contact Chief Organiser, FA Walter Wolffs to claim.


$150.00 for all players.

Late Entries, Refunds, and Changes in Rating

Please read the policies regarding refunds, late entries, and changes to rating that may affect eligibility prior to registering. These policies can be found in the Rules and Regulations page.