Venue and Capacity

The MIO will be played at Melbourne Chess Club. Following renovations we will have a capacity of approximately 180 players.

What happens if you register for the Major but your latest published rating prior to the commencement of the MIO is below 2000?

If your rating is below 2000 at the time of registration, your entry will be provisionally accepted and reviewed before the pairing of round 1. If you are rated above 2000 at the time of registration but your published rating on the FIDE April 2024 rating list is below 2000, depending on how far below 2000 your rating has fallen to, your entry may still be accepted. This will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Chief Organiser and Chief Arbiter - if you participate in the Doeberl Cup as well, your live rating may be taken into consideration as well. We recommend if your rating is below 2000 on the April 2024 list, that you contact the CO and CA immediately so that you can be considered for participation. Any players ineligible for the Major will be moved to the Open.

Is it possible to register for the Major division if your current rating is below 2000?

As per the Rules and Regulations, players may enter into the Major division provisionally but will be moved to the Open division if their published rating on the FIDE April 2024 rating list is still below 2000.

Information for International Players

Any interested international players are encouraged to contact the Chief Organiser directly for more information. We actively encourage the participation of both titled and non-titled international players and will prioritise your assistance to make your participation as convenient as possible.

Junior, Interstate, and Unrated Participants

The MIO is an inclusive event and we encourage participation from everyone regardless of age, location, and rating. There are no age or rating requirements for the Open division and we would love to see a diverse range of players both nationally and internationally.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Both the MIO and Melbourne Chess Club are inclusive. MCC is wheelchair accessible and has a designated disabled bathroom. Any player who has a disability - physical or otherwise - are encouraged to contact the Chief Organiser so that arrangements can be made to assist you in your participation.