Acknowledgement of Country

Independent Chess Australia acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the 2024 Melbourne International Open takes place. ICA would also like to pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

Sponsors and Supports

ICA would like to express our gratitude to Melbourne Chess Club for sponsoring the MIO and for all their support and advice throughout the organisation process. Without MCC's provisions of venue, equipment, and more, the MIO would not be possible and for this we are thankful.


The Chief Organiser, FA Walter Wolffs would also like to express his gratitude to the following persons:

  • IA Alana Chibnall - the MIO was originally Alana's idea and due to our discussions we were able to make the event possible. Alana was an arbiter for the junior events when I was a child playing in the ACT Junior Chess League many years ago and her experience over the years of all sorts of events including as an arbiter at numerous Olympiads and the Chief Arbiter of the Doeberl Cup, her experiences have shaped many of the considerations for the MIO. I would like to thank Alana for all of her advice and support throughout the organising process, Alana has been invaluable in the planning and organising of the MIO.

  • IA Peter Tsai - from the moment I became an arbiter (first NA and now as FA), Peter has been encouraging, supportive and always available whenever I have a question, whether it be an arbiter or organiser question. His knowledge and experience is immeasurable and from the moment I mentioned the possibility of an MIO, Peter was on board and willing to help in whatever way he could even stepping in as Chief Arbiter. We are lucky to have Peter in Melbourne and Australia as he works tirelessly to run events for the community.

  • IA Shaun Press - Shaun is the Chief Organiser of the Doeberl Cup, Australia's Premier Tournament since 1963. When I approached Shaun towards the end of 2023 to discuss a partnership between the Doeberl Cup and the MIO, I was not expecting the level of support I recieved. Shaun went above and beyond to provide advice and share the details of the MIO with everyone interested in the Doeberl Cup and passed on my information to all international players who contacted him regarding the MIO. I am incredibly grateful for everything Shaun has done to help ensure the success of the first MIO.

  • Paul Russell - Paul was the organiser of the 2019 Sydney International Open and shared a lot of his knowledge, experience, and documents that he used when organising the SIO when I was planning the MIO. Much of the information that Paul provided was a great deal of help during the planning process.

  • President of Chess Victoria Leonid Sandler, and President of the NSW Chess Association Bill Gletsos - both Leonid and Bill have offered a great deal of support and advice throughout the early and late stages of planning the MIO. I wish to thank both of them for the time they have spent talking to me on the phone giving me advice and answering my questions.

  • Thai Ly, Alexei Khamatgaleev, and the rest of the MCC Comittee - from the moment I approached you in May of 2023 with an idea for the festival tournaments, you have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. For the hours we have spent discussing tournaments, organisation, and management, as well as the countless times you have provided support and assistance, I am thankful. If not for all of you, I would not have been able to run as many tournaments as I have or have been able to organise the MCC. I acknowledge and appreciate all your contributions.